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Dununununa …. Witch War!

August 12, 2011 in 4.08 Spellbound, Promo Video, True Blood, Uncategorized, video

New sneak peaks are out for the next episode, “Spellbound.”

Looks like things are heating up and shit is about to go down, which is why Packmaster Marcus knows the Weres should mind their beeswax and ignore the obvious while the vampires and the witches prepare to destroy each other. Meanwhile Bill finds time to hold a presser. *roll.*

But back to the impending war,… Alcide, you paying attention? “Stay the fuck out of it.” BTW, all of a sudden Marcus is on my hotness radar. PING. Gawds, I love a man with a foul mouth.

Too bad the same can’t be said for Tara, whose mouth is equally foul but is yet again putting her trust in a crazy lady with magical abilities. And now that Tara is fully aware she’s abetting genocide by snuffing out the local vampires, I have a feeling Tara is about to wake up to the fact she’s no better than those evil scumbags if she commits crimes of this magnitude. At her current rate of character implosion she’s bound for a rebound back into a healthier perspective on life, one would think. Cue forced moral indignation, pouty lip, and stomping out the door any second now… I’m waiting… and waiting…

Seriously, Tara, wake the fuck up already, uhkay?

Clips from “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

August 5, 2011 in 4.07 Cold Grey Light of Dawn, Promo Video, True Blood, video

The new clips for this week’s episode have been released.

First up Jason and his Bubba, and then Debbie and her downer, Alcide.

“It’s you I’m worried about.” Oh Jason don’t look so surprised that Hoyt is on to your manwhoring ways .. erm.. or that he might be a bit worried about your previous rapescapades with the fugly women of the Hot Shot community. He’s an adorable idiot though.

I’d really like to know why Alcide is so worried about Sookie. He barely knows her and he barely seems to be aware thinking about her in front of his current girl is a bad idea. JUST GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY, ALICIDE. Sookie does not need to be protected by you. Is it me or is he the new Bill?

And here’s a nice pic of Sookie and her bro, courtesy of

Alex on Regis & Kelly

August 4, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Random, Shameless Fangirling, video

Or should I say “the hottest man on television” was on Regis & Kelly this morning.

While some typical questions were asked, mainly about his acting career and childhood, it is always nice to see Alexander blush on live TV, especially when they showed the picture of him and his new degree. Take a bow, Doctor Skarsgard!

He also looked absolutely adorkable in his response about women wanting to bite him.

“You’ve been bitten?”

“Uhh,.. no.”

I could just hear his inner shifty eyes darting back and forth. HE TOTALLY HAS, PEOPLE. I don’t know if I should be ashamed on behalf of this fandom or incredibly proud. Okay, moving on. ..

One particular part of the interview might be noteworthy in regards to True Blood, and although it appears Kelly has NFI about the properties of blood on the show, or about the show in general, or who is on the show and married to whom, Alex seemed to suggest a mutual biting experience would lead to something “special.”

Could this be what we have to look forward to in the upcoming shower scene? Is there any significance to this or was Alex just trying to straighten out Kelly’s ignorance?

Anyhow, what did you think of Alex’s appearance on this daytime talk show?

Rabid fangirling, activate!

The Buzz – Comic Con

August 2, 2011 in Comic Con, Promo Video, True Blood

Not nearly as exciting as last night’s episode with Eric and Sookie sex, there are however a few brief new snippets in this promo that might pertain to our collective interest. Apparently Sookie has another fairy dream but in this one it is snowing, Tara gets a little vampire in her eye, and we learn exactly how Pam gets her body peel – DR. LUDWIG IS BACK! (And at Fangtasia). Interesting.

About Sookie’s dream, no idea why it would be snowing but it is possible this dream occurs in episodes 7 or 8 shortly after she is shot. Are the fairies approaching her this way again? Who will it be? Will they finally unveil Stripper Claude’s glamourous side? Will the Real Claudine please stand up? Or will Sookie be lucky enough to encounter great grandpa Niall, a.k.a. David Bowie?

Comments? Thoughts? Mad ramblings of a disorganized mind? Let me know what you think!

Promo Smorgasbord!

July 30, 2011 in 4.06 I Wish I Was the Moon, Episodes, Promo Video, True Blood

A few new promos have come online today, so I’m throwing them all in together! Shown at the TV Critics Association, the first video covers episodes 1-9 of the fourth season and down below are 2 more sneak peaks belonging to episode 6, I Wish I Was the Moon.

First up, there is some older footage in this TCA trailer but a few new shots yet unseen too; with my little eye I spot the Sookster looking sexy in her ‘threesome’ dream, Eric at the mercy of Her Royal Douchiness, and the Queen strutting her greasiest politician smile at the tolerance rally.

Both of these next clips aren’t exactly the way to get everyone excited for the episode Eric and Sookie finally get jiggy with it, instead we are lucky enough to witness Andy and Holly getting acquainted, – can’t deny twue wuv, people!

And finally, here is Jesus and Lafayette at Jesus’ grandpa’s house, where Jesus is grateful for the HORSE BRUTALITY! I mean… goat tongue. Blaaaaagh.

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