ASkars – scuse me but WTF?!

Popped collar! Faded denim jacket! Cheesier than hell smile! Shockingly contrived pose!

How BoyBand is this?

Alexander Skarsgard on the cover of the December issue of Cafe magazine.

Is it bad that I would take him home and do him – even dressed like that and channelling Arthur Fonzerelli? This pic revives long dead . . . → Read More: ASkars – scuse me but WTF?!

ASkars = GQMF

Here is your weekend eye candy. You’re welcome.

Alexander Skarsgard (and those other two from True Blood) will appear in the December issue of GQ, rocking tuxedos no less. We’ve waited quite a while to see Skarsgard get his due in GQ. Was it worth it? Oh, I think so.

You can’t half pick . . . → Read More: ASkars = GQMF

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