The Child Formerly Known As….

May 18, 2012 in Deadlocked - Book 12, Secondary Characters

EOC (Eric’s Other Child), now has a name! And she shall be called….”Karin”. With an “i”.

Thank the goddess we don’t have to keep calling her EOC for the next 10 months.

Ms Harris confirmed the name on her forum earlier today.

3087 Maker 2012-05-17 12:20
I will reveal Eric’s other child’s name. It’s Karin.

Charlaine Harris

While this may hardly be newsworthy for some, those of us who have already spent too much time talking about this woman (and will likely spend much time discussing her in the future!), are quite thrilled to at least have something to call her by!

Karin was first mentioned by Pam in All Together Dead, and mentioned a second time by Niall in Deadlocked. A brief summary of what we know of her to date:

  • She’s female (Pam)
  • She left Eric to strike out on her own (Pam)
  • As a vampire, she doesn’t “rival her maker” (Niall)
  • Thanks to Eric & Sookie Lovers for the heads up.

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