Sunday Skars – He Lives.

And not before time too – I was about to send out a search party.

After literally weeks in hiding, Skars finally surfaced yesterday…checking out a motorbike shop in West Hollywood.

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The pics below were taken at the Bajen Aid auction in Sweden back in October.

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BOTF – The Walk of Shame!

How much do you love this man, right now?

Alexander Skarsgard wears his “Bill’s Bitch” tshirt, as promised after losing the Battle of the Fang to Stephen Moyer by the princely sum of $800.

Moyer responds in kind with a shirt reading “I like my Bitches Blonde”.

Me too, Stephen. Me too.

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Sunday Skars – Bite Me

I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you ever noticed that little “thing” Eric does with his nose when he’s either MAJORLY pissed off, just about to bite…or both?


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Sunday Skars

Everything old is new again!

Here’s some newly released shots taken back in summer during the press rounds for season 3 of True Blood.

Denim…scruff…and a tan. All I have to say is UNF.

Mostly I like my vampires pale and sun-starved – but just for today, I am MORE than happy to make an exception.

Here’s a little tease – but feel free to help yourself to multiple Skargasms below the pic.


Sunday Skars – Happy Halloween!

This week’s edition of Sunday Skars has a decidedly fangy, bloody theme.

Vampires and Halloween go together like…Eric and Hallow. Geddit? See what I did there??


Keep Drooling after the cut…

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