It Can Go Dark If You Let It

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In every season of True Blood, one plot surfaces to hold everything together before sinking its talons deep into the viewership’s gut – a technique which the writers on this show are very good at. In season 1 it was the creation of Jessica; season 2 it was Godric’s death; in season 3 it . . . → Read More: It Can Go Dark If You Let It

Sunday Skars – BFF Edition

It’s been quite a few drinks between Sunday Skars, and Comic Con weekend always serves up the photo ops!

This edition is all about the BFF’s – Kristin and Alex; and Skars and MicMac…the bromance that never dies.


More Skars shenanigans after the cut.

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Eric Northman & The Deathly Hallow, Part II

We’re back with the sequel! And you didn’t even have to wait a year!

In Part 1 of Eric Northman & The Deathly Hallow, we covered a possible connection between Antonia, Tara, Russell and the Tony/Toni scenes; as well as a possible mythological connection with Mari Ann that could wrap up this Inquisition stuff neatly if the True Blood writers did their homework right.

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Eric Northman & the Deathly Hallow

It’s the Boy Who Lived! The Chosen One! – The fact that True Blood‘s “Season of the Witch” just so happens to coincide with the release of the final installment of Harry Potter? BLESS THIS TRANSITIONY GOODNESS.

Yet thus far on the show we’ve been left wondering what exactly the deal is with the witches, and how they relate to the Viking. Certainly Ball has beefed up the justification for the witch war from the original premise in Dead to the World - reasoning, as even the most rabid bookie might admit, that witches coming after Eric only for his money, territorial grudges, and a good screw might come off as implausible. Not to mention kinda uncouth. Besides, Yvetta has already been there, done that. And how. Abroom-chee. I’ll be here all the week, folks!

Umkay, moving on.. I’m going to try and pull a lot of stuff together to see if anything sticks. It’s spaghetti tossing time! You in? What do we know about witches and their grudges so far on True Blood? Make sure your arms and legs remain tucked inside the vehicle at all times, it might be a bumpy ride….

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Alan Comes Out to Play

True Blood is back – which means it’s time for our beloved showrunner to commence his favorite seasonal pastime. Also affectionately known as “How Shall I Fuck With Team Eric’s Heads Today?”.

Ausiello spoke with Ball recently, and he had the following answer in response to a fan question about “The Shower Scene” dun…dun…dun….DUN!!

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