Russell Strikes Back.. in Season 5

July 4, 2011 in Russell Edgington, True Blood

Film School Rejects have just landed an interview with the incomparable Denis O’Hare, who had this to say about His Majesty’s reemergence on True Blood,

To start off, it was disappointing to hear that you’re not coming back this season.

I know, I know. It was up in the air. They were definitely bringing me back, it was just a matter of if they wanted to bring me back the last couple episodes or bring me back at the beginning. So they decided to do it at the beginning of season 5.

Sweet! Russell will be back.. but uh… Season 5? What Season 5?

This reminds me of the time I got the scholarship notification before I got the college acceptance letter. It is nice to know but more information would be helpful, HBO. Seriously, what’s the hold up with the official announcement of Season 5? Perhaps it has something to do with Alan Ball’s status as show runner, yet with him or without him, it seems to me the big wigs are holding off on the announcement until they’ve decided on The Ball Plan. Hate to break this to you HBO, people just want the goods. We don’t care about your corporate mind games or your Ballwashing.

Back to the interview at hand, this actually a fascinating interview with Denis O’Hare as he spills quite a few nuggets of backstory and as he describes the character makeup of Russell Edgington, the Rightful King of Mississippi and Louisiana.

And I love that Russell has this intense passion for life; literally a passion for living and a passion for life. I think that actually forms his kind of childlike quality.

I think that’s exactly right, because when he comes out into the sun, he just says how beautiful it is.

Yeah! I mean can you imagine being that old and that’s incredibly touching, I think, about that is that for a Pagan, especially a Celt, their whole thing was sun worship. And the Celt’s God is Lugh. There’s this festival called Lunasa, which is an Irish festival, which is a festival of the sun. It’s still practiced till this day.

The Celts went looking for the place that the sun went to bed. So they kept watching the sun go to bed and they kept literally moving West. So they moved from Danube to the Roman territory into France, ultimately to Ireland and they got stopped by the water. But that’s why they are there, because they were looking for where the sun goes to bed.

So for Russell to have the ability to come back and see the sun is religious. It’s a big thing for him.

So naturally he will be all hugs and kisses towards the guy that sold him some snake oil and a semi-permanent cement coffin. … Not that we didn’t know the Eric-Russell relationship was toxic already, but this seems to emphasize that there is more fuel on that revenge fire than perhaps has been blatantly acknowledged in the show so far. Seven hells!

The interview continues,

You mention that not all vampires need to be cool and slick. Wouldn’t you say that Russell is kinda cool and charming?

Well, we talked about that as well, and one of the things that we talked about early on was where is Russell getting his sense of style from? And the answer is he’s getting it from Talbot. When Russell and Talbot met, which is 1300 A.D. in Disanthium, I would say that Russell was sort of a rough character. He was basically a mercenary knight for hire running around and killing people. And Talbot was a prince; he was the Greek prince.

So he brought a certain refinement to him. So Talbot was the one who made Russell civilized. When Talbot dies, there’s a sense in which Russell reverts. He no longer has that governing force and he goes back to his native identity.

Sigh. I miss Talbot. I miss unhinged Russell even more. Dammit, he can’t get back on the show soon enough, – someone needs to end the Usurper’s reign!

So who could be digging up the King of Our Hearts? I wouldn’t put it past Queen William the Mendacious to think the enemy of his enemy is his friend and to concede the throne to the one true king, especially after all Bill’s other plots to eliminate Eric are thwarted in Season 4. I can envision a bitter and spurned Alcide, who has the means and the knowledge to deconstruct the cement prison, trying to avenge his Little Debbie by treating with Russell for his BAMF services. I also could see a brand new character, such as one of Russell’s other progeny (if he has any) coming to his rescue,.. or maybe it all relates back to Antonia and she possesses another witch who happens to come with access to a backhoe.

Regardless, I can’t wait to find out.

Make sure to read the full version of the interview here. Tis awesome.

Russell Edgington – Gangsta!

September 27, 2010 in Random, Russell Edgington, True Blood

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