Queensland Floods

As many of you have seen on the news Queensland, Australia is in the grip of the worst flooding in living memory.

Seventy five percent of the state is under water or waking up to severe flood damage. This includes large areas of the state capital. To give you an idea of the impact . . . → Read More: Queensland Floods

BOTF – The Walk of Shame!

How much do you love this man, right now?

Alexander Skarsgard wears his “Bill’s Bitch” tshirt, as promised after losing the Battle of the Fang to Stephen Moyer by the princely sum of $800.

Moyer responds in kind with a shirt reading “I like my Bitches Blonde”.

Me too, Stephen. Me too.

If . . . → Read More: BOTF – The Walk of Shame!

Battle of the Fang – GAME ON!

We are now in the final few hours of the Battle of the Fang, and this is a final call to rally Team Eric to please….please….PLEASE pitch in and donate!

If you have already done so, thank you. If you can donate again, please do. We’ve raised a ton of money so far but . . . → Read More: Battle of the Fang – GAME ON!

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