Smells Like White Wash

May 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


Time for some breaking news from the Department of Pre-Emptive Strikes And Damage Control.

Only five more days until the release of Dead Ever After, and the fandom is BUZZING! Expect to see lots of pre-release tidbits appearing over the coming days, starting with one from the latest issue of EW, scanned below.

In this publicity piece, dear reader, you will be schooled on what REALLY happened in the Sookie Stackhouse Novels.

For example – did you know that Bill Compton’s trunk attack in Club Dead was nothing more than an attempted assault? It was not, in fact, an ACTUAL RAPE. Fancy that.

I’m so glad that’s cleared up! I would hate to finish this series under the obviously erroneous impression that what’s written on the pages is what actually happened.

Also, all that stuff they told you on the cover blurb of Deadlocked about Sookie and Eric’s problems with Felipe, and Eric being framed for murder? That isn’t really what Deadlocked was about! I guess they just printed that on there to sell lots of books, or something. Deadlocked was really about Sookie discovering she has feelings for….Sam!

Ever get the feeling that you’re being lubed up for something?

scan final

Thanks to Bee for the scans.

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