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March 29, 2013 in Book Spoilers, Dead Ever After - Book 13, Reviews, Southern Vampire Mysteries

We interrupt all this After Dead cover talk to bring you some Dead Ever After news. Romantic Times Book Reviews has a mini-review up for DEA, and it has some spoilery goodness we haven’t seen before. In order to view it, you must be a subscriber. Luckily for you all, I am.  Unfortunately, it means we won’t be posting it here, but we’ll try to cover the highlights.

According to the review, DEA closes out the series in a “spine-tingling manner” and brings back many familiar characters.  Ms. Harris has confirmed on her forum that we’d be seeing Quinn, Amelia and Bob, Mr. Cataliades, Diantha, and even Barry the bellboy in the final book.  We’ve also known for quite some time that Arlene would be back in Bon Temps, so none of this comes as a surprise.  Can you think of any other old characters who might stop by and why?

There were few specific details in the review, but it was mentioned that Sam is dealing with what it means to come back to life, and that Eric is still upset with Sookie for using the cluviel dor.  I have to wonder if this isn’t how the book opens, shortly or even immediately after DL closed, with all the confusion and emotion from the last book still fresh and raw.  Perhaps Eric has interpreted Sookie’s use of the CD like so many readers did – inferring that it means she loves Sam romantically.  I would bet the farm that this misunderstanding is cleared up quickly as we get into the meat of the book.

The one specific spoiler revealed in the RT review is that Sookie’s scarf is the murder weapon of choice, and that this circumstantial evidence is what prompts her arrest for the crime.  Who would have access to her scarf?  Perhaps those lockers at Merlotte’s aren’t as secure as Sookie thought.  Obviously someone is out to frame Sookie.  Who do you think it could be?  And why?

Finally, the review said that the end of the series will spark “some controversy”, but that it “felt true to the evolution of Sookie”.  Well, color me surprised.  Controversy?  In this fandom?  Well, I never.  Sarcasm aside, this is not a surprising comment to me.  We’ve been told repeatedly that Sookie will have an unconventional HEA, no white-picket fence and 2.5 kids, etc.  We know lots of readers hope that Sookie will settle down with someone warm and sperm-producing.  Something tells me that choosing to spend your normal human life with a 1,000 year old Viking vampire might just appear a bit controversial.  Just sayin’.

Additionally, RT Book Reviews May 2013 issue has a nice feature interview with Charlaine Harris.  On the evolution of Sookie as a character:

…it only made sense that the reactions of the people and creatures around her would cause Sookie to reevaluate her “disability”.  And it only made sense (in telling the story) that Sookie would be challenged morally by the choices she’s had to make.  She discovers that she values her own life and her own survival more than she’d ever realized.  She learns that you pay a price every time you step out of the box, but that the reward can be amazing, too.

And lest you think there was no suitor talk at all, there was this little nugget about Bill:

Discovering that Bill had been sent to seduce Sookie, if necessary – that he’d been on a mission – was a real revelation, and I was horrified.  I thought it was too bad to do to Sookie.  I was agitated for a whole morning trying to decide if I could even write the revelation of such a betrayal.  Of course, I could!

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed reading THAT.  I might even need a cigarette, it was so satisfying.  You can subscribe to the RT Book Reviews magazine online or purchase a copy at most bookstores.Enjoy the cap to read the rest of the interview. And let us know what you think in the comments.


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