Charlaine Harris talks Dead Ever After

July 27, 2012 in Dead Ever After - Book 13, Secondary Characters, Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire Mysteries

Gollancz UK  have put up this short little vid during which Charlaine answers some fan questions about the final Sookie book, Dead Ever After.

Don’t expect anything too earth shattering in here (anyone notice that she’s keeping things very close to her chest when asked about this next book?!) but there are a few little spoilers:

  • Arlene will make an appearance.  We can only assume she escapes from prison since I’d hope that, even in Charlaine’s world, attempted murder via public crucifixion attracts more than a six month prison sentence.
  • There are going to be a few characters returning in Dead Ever After that Charlaine “is going to bet you never expected to see again”.
  • Charlaine:  ”Almost all Sookie’s friends will gather, because things are looking very, very bad for Sookie…she’s a rallying point for all the people that love her.”

It sounds very much to me like Sookie will be going missing under some rather grim circumstances.
The Maker also answers the standard question about the end of the series:

“Since the second or third book, yes, I have had an overall arc for the books.  I haven’t known every detail or exactly how I’d get to where I was going…but I’ve known where I was going.  And I’ll end up there for sure.”

You know, she’s always been so consistent on this point and when you watch the video you’ll see that she really does mean every word.

Slightly off topic, but for everyone who has emailed or messaged on Facebook to check that I’m not dead, thank you for checking in! I am still around, still following what’s going on. A new business venture (completely unrelated to vampires) is taking up a huge amount of my time at the moment but rest assured, I still have an ear to the ground and will continue to post anything book related and newsworthy here on the blog.

Will Arlene be the final Big Bad? I kind of like the idea of the big bad in the last book being FOTS and Arlene related – it’s like coming full circle, and casting all the way back to Living Dead in Dallas.

So what do you think about Arlene’s return? And who else do you think we might see back in Bon Temps for one last hurrah?

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