First Chapter of Deadlocked Released

April 4, 2012 in Book Spoilers, Deadlocked - Book 12, Southern Vampire Mysteries

Gollancz UK has yet another Sookie related gem, the first chapter of Deadlocked! Read it here.

Some quick thoughts: it looks like Sookie finally ends up in Hooligans and we get the beginning of her conversation with Niall. What stuck out to me the as the most important part of this whole chapter were Sookie’s thoughts on the situation with Tara and JB du Rone as well as with Kennedy and Dany.

“What’s up with you, girl? You and Danny have a fight over another woman?” Tara asked bluntly.

Kennedy turned a bright, hard look on Tara, and for a minute I thought she’d say something cutting. Then we’d have an open quar­ rel. But Kennedy said, “He’s doing something secret, and he won’t tell me what. He says he’s gonna be gone on Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings and evenings. He won’t say where he’s going or why.”

Since the fact that Danny was totally smitten with Kennedy was obvious to the dimmest bulb, we were all struck silent with astonish­ ment at her blindness.

This passage almost screams it is a foil to Sookie and her situation with Eric regarding Freyda as last we knew, I think Sookie’s thoughts on those around her always say a lot about her own relationships.

Also interesting was Niall questioning Sookie with “a hard edge” if she had sex with Claude. Oh these fairies and their awkward moments!

Comments, thoughts, mild panic with less than month until the release of Deadlocked? Sound off below!

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