Harris: “Sookie learns a lot” in Deadlocked

November 16, 2011 in Deadlocked - Book 12

Fearnet.com have posted a new interview with Charlaine Harris in which she teases a little more for Sookie 12.

You can read the full interview over at their site, but here’s some of the good stuff.

Q: I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but could you talk about what the twelfth novel will involve?
A: It’s called Deadlocked. It’s another extension of her adventures, moving a step forward to resolve many of the issues that are brought up in previous books. She gets kidnapped – you know, the usual mayhem. She gets kidnapped, she has to get out of it. The Fey entry into her life is pretty much wrapped up. She learns a lot more about everything really. She learns a lot in this book, the truth. So it was a challenging book to write, and I tried to keep it on track more as a mystery.

Interesting to see that the fae story will be finished – perhaps Niall, Claude et al will return to fae leaving Sookie behind and probably close the portal forever (maybe this is how Sookie uses the cluveil dor? Making it so that it can never be reopened? Remembering that she can’t use it for selfish reasons or to change any fundamental aspect of her character). This would certainly tie in with the huge emphasis Mr C put on using it wisely: “Think once, and twice, and three times before you expend its energy. You can change the world, you know.” (DR).

Q: Even though Sookie is a mature woman, do you view the entire series, on one level, as a coming-of-age story?
A: The growth of her character is definitely a major part of the novels, but I wouldn’t call it coming-of-age. She’s a twenty-six year-old woman. But she certainly becomes worldlier, more aware of the other worlds around her. She’s always known what human nature was like, because she’s telepathic. Which is kind of a bitter pill to swallow. But she learns how to live with a lot of things, and what she can’t live with.

I’m not touching that last comment with a 10ft pole. I have to admire Charlaine’s ability to sound like she’s giving something away when she’s really telling us nothing at all!

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