Season 5 Casting News

October 18, 2011 in Eric Northman, Secondary Characters, True Blood

If you feel almost ready to drag yourselves out of your Season 4 PTSD-state for a moment, the first interesting casting calls are out for Season 5.

[SALOME] 20 to 40. THE Salome from the Bible. Dark haired with dark features, exotic looking, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and /or African. An ancient vampire who is a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent. She also has quite a lot of madness in her. She is the most powerful person in every way yet capable of hiding this power when it serves her purposes. Series Regular. Possible nudity.

Bookies recognise the name of this character from Book 5, Dead As A Doornail – she was summoned by Eric to assist with her batshit crazy child Mickey when he got all mean and nasty with Tara. Her name will no doubt be where her similarity to the book character begins and ends.

The Bible refers to two women by the name of Salome – one was a belly dancer who demanded the head of John the Baptist on a platter; the other was the mother of the disciples James and John, and was present at the crucifixion of Christ. Either way, it’s safe to peg this particular vampire at around two thousand years old.

And of course, she’s mad as a cut snake. OF COURSE SHE IS. She’s a woman, after all.

[NORA] 25 to 35. Beautiful, any race, centuries old. A double agent working within the Vampire Authority. Eric’s vampire “sister” – a progeny of Godric. Intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar. She loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose. Series Regular. Possible nudity.

And here comes Bill’s Eric’s vampire sister, demonstrating once again that every aspect of Book Bill/Eric and True Blood Bill/Eric is completely interchangeable because that’s why people watch.

I wonder if Nora’s connection to the Authority makes her one of Eric’s “friends in high places” mentioned by Bill in season 4. Because you KNOW that if Eric has a sister with some clout in the Authority, Bill will have known about it first.

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