Season Finale Preview

September 3, 2011 in Promo Video, True Blood, video

There’s a new promo out for the finale, which thankfully some Truebie was quick enough to rip before HBO yanked their version, probably due to a mistaken premature release. I’ve also included the ‘Death’ promo below if you haven’t seen it already.

So it appears in the finale at least one woman follows through on her convictions as Nan and her Spaceballs are at Bill’s door apparently with more-serious-than-usual vampire business. At least this makes sense of why Pam would need consoling by Ginger, but since Nan doesn’t appear to be messing around, I really don’t know how the Queen and his Sheriff are getting out of this, … other than by Sookie’s amazing fairy powers of convenience. And as a few of us speculated, that might appear to be a fairy standing next to Sookie while looking up at the pyre, but it may very well be Holly dressed just as ridiculously as the creatures on this show themselves.

As for other plot lines, Debbie seems to be in Sookie’s kitchen with her shotgun firing away, but I can’t discern who it is on the ground in that fake-out splicing sequence. Sam? Terry? I don’t know. I’m not sure if I care.

And then, … is Lafayette summoning the demon inside of Jesus to take down Antonia? For the love of everything sacred, Antonia doesn’t want to do this anymore!! Nevertheless, I suppose the befuddled witch can hold a grudge for a few more days if she somehow held her previous one for 400. I have to think this also proves whatever happens next episode at the Moon Goddess Emporium is ultimately futile in taking down her spirit but maybe not necessarily Marnie. At any rate, I’m calling it now RIP Marns, we hardly knew ye.

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