Alex on Regis & Kelly

August 4, 2011 in Alexander Skarsgard, Random, Shameless Fangirling, video

Or should I say “the hottest man on television” was on Regis & Kelly this morning.

While some typical questions were asked, mainly about his acting career and childhood, it is always nice to see Alexander blush on live TV, especially when they showed the picture of him and his new degree. Take a bow, Doctor Skarsgard!

He also looked absolutely adorkable in his response about women wanting to bite him.

“You’ve been bitten?”

“Uhh,.. no.”

I could just hear his inner shifty eyes darting back and forth. HE TOTALLY HAS, PEOPLE. I don’t know if I should be ashamed on behalf of this fandom or incredibly proud. Okay, moving on. ..

One particular part of the interview might be noteworthy in regards to True Blood, and although it appears Kelly has NFI about the properties of blood on the show, or about the show in general, or who is on the show and married to whom, Alex seemed to suggest a mutual biting experience would lead to something “special.”

Could this be what we have to look forward to in the upcoming shower scene? Is there any significance to this or was Alex just trying to straighten out Kelly’s ignorance?

Anyhow, what did you think of Alex’s appearance on this daytime talk show?

Rabid fangirling, activate!

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