Thanks 4 the Memories

June 24, 2011 in Bill, Season Fourplay, True Blood

It’s obvious by now that the True Blood writing team has taken quite a few liberties with the plotline of the upcoming fourth season—especially where Bill Compton is concerned. Most notably, everyone’s favorite buzzkill has absolutely no time for extravagant South American vision quests when he has a brand new Queendom to rule and so many personal enemies to torture.

But those of us who have read the books know the truth. This fourth season promises the greatest love story of all—a love story between one soul-searching vampire and one very tiny llama. And so it is that I present to you the untold drama of the real season four… via the top four installments of that much-beloved meme I like to call “Bill Compton: The Peru Series.”

1. Forbidden love

Go, Bill… go and find her, and don’t ever let her go.

2. Thinking of you

He’s crying because the world is just so achingly beautiful.

3. I went to Peru, and all I got…

Nobody puts llama in a corner.

4. Hold me closer, Tiny Llama

“It’s like we don’t even have to say anything. She just, like, understands me, you know?”

Images thanks to True Blood Rants ‘n Raves

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