8 New Promo Clips

June 24, 2011 in 4.01 She's Not There, Promo Video, True Blood

Finally! Here are the 8 new promo clips released yesterday, which all appear to be from episode 1, “She’s Not There,” and whoops! also episode 2 “You Smell Like Dinner.” I almost feel like I’ve watched the whole 2 episodes now, you may want to look away if you’re saving yourself from spoiler whoredom, oh if only I could be so chaste!

Of all the clips, I am really looking forward to seeing this Eric and Sookie scene in full. I’m almost dying to find out exactly what transpires after Sookie says she’s willing to take her chances without Eric’s protection, though I’d like to tell her that her chances with Eric are pretty, pretty good.

So say we all.

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