June 23, 2011 in Bill, True Blood

Seems like the mainstream media has caught onto the idea of Louisiana gaining a new monarch in Season 4.

From Zap2it

As far as the big picture goes, vampire spokeswoman Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck) frantically is trying to exert spin control in the wake of recently dispatched vampire monarch Russell Edgerton’s bloody reign of terror — and she has an apparent ally in the character who is now at the head of the Louisiana monarchy, a jaw-dropping change from the original Charlaine Harris novels that is sure to have fans buzzing.

Buzzing all right. I find this plot line so absurd that I intend to ridicule it until September and beyond.

Starting right here.

I knew I’d enjoy this season, but I never banked on having a gold mine such as this.

Image by Serena.

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