Kristin Bauer van Straten – Sheriff Pam?

And the spoilers continue!

The always charming Kristin Bauer van Straten has given an interview to the New York Post in which she talks about Pam’s arc for the upcoming season of True Blood.

For the first time, it seems Pam will have her own storyline this year (can we get an AMEN?!). Obviously it will tie in somehow with Eric’s temporary incapacitation, and according to the interview this will involve her stepping up not only at Fangtasia, but in the “vampire hierarchy”.

PopWrap: What excited you coming into season four?

Kristin Bauer van Straten: I found out fairly early on that Pam is getting her own crazy storyline this season, which ramps up in the middle of the season…..We found out last season that this would happen and Pam would take over, so I’ve had all hiatus to wait for these scripts.

That’s it. I’m kicking off the campaign right this minute – Pam for Acting Sheriff of Area 5, dammit. I want to see Pam schooling Bill (again), and I want to see it NOW.

Kristin also talks about Pam’s killer wardrobe, and I don’t know about you all but I find the anticipation of what get up she’s going to appear in next almost as exciting as what is going to come out of her mouth.

Kristin: No matter how dire things get – and I mean, they get real dire this year – she still dresses for the occasion. In modern life we throw on sweats to go to Starbucks. The world is ending and Pam stops to think, “What is the perfect world ending outfit.”

She also drops a few hints about the Season 4 finale – and it sounds like shit is REALLY getting serious between the witches and the vampires.

Kristin: Yea. We took five nights to shoot that scene, which is incredible support from HBO. And because it’s such a big scene, where so much happens and involves so many people, I think unprecedented is the right word. Without giving anything away, there is so much at stake with that scene. We’ve got a lot of people sucked into that dilemma, it’s quite something.
…The way they’ve written the witches in this season is that what they do creates pretty interesting dilemmas for the vampires. It’s not a typical arm wrestle. It’s pretty creative how they have to combat one another.

Well, well. Between the FOTS, the witches, and most likely a new Queen on the Throne…season 4 isn’t a great time to be a vampire.

Read the rest of Kristin’s interview here.

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15 comments to Kristin Bauer van Straten – Sheriff Pam?

  • Crimson Petal

    I really loved this interview. Pam is my favorite character, and it seems that Kristin really adores playing her and totally ‘gets’ her and her little quirks, just like Alexander ‘gets’ Eric and what makes him so interesting.

    And Kristin seems like a real sweetheart herself (loved what Alexander said about her in his last interview)!


  • Freyja

    [i]What I can tell you is that Kristin reveals this season will show every character in such a drastically different light, you may be swapping favorites and crushes faster than Sookie Stackhouse![/i]
    LOL :D

    [i]It feels like we go deeper into the characters, which is why I love the PR campaign – Show Your True Colors – because it’s what this season does. Everyone is pushed further so we see another side, but also their real core.[/i]
    Amnesia Eric is the real core of Eric the Sheriff Northman. I can’t wait to see the real core of Sookie :) And Bill, will the real Bill Compton please stand up.

    The witch war sounds really exciting. Shooting for 5 nights in a row just one scene!


    Freyja Reply:

    Oh darn, I was trying to do italian letters and it didn’t work :/


  • eriklover

    Pam does it again with the best ONE-LINERS talking to SS about Eric.
    “He pulls good string.”


  • Northwoman

    Kristin is absolutely stunning in that teal blue silk dress. I love her wardrobe!


  • Harmony

    AMEN!!! I love her so much. I hope she gets closer to sookie


    C.K. Reply:

    Harmony, I hope Pam and Sookie bond more this season. This is why I want Pam to tell Sookie about her backstory with Eric. I love Pam and Sookies frienship in the books (especially after Dead Reckoning).


    LovetheViking Reply:

    Yes please. I so want Sookie and Pam to have the relationship similar to in the books. AE would be perfect to aid them beginning to respect and like each other.


  • heart's desire

    Yes Please!!! I would love this, I’ve been COUNTING on this & will be so mad if Pam is not taking over & kicking some serious ass. Could we have gotten any more lucky with Skars as Eric & KBvS as Pam? I don’t think so. I adore KBvS, she rocks as Pam. Another one who totally gets it.


  • Fuzzy Peaches

    It’s been mentioned on this blog before, but I’ll repeat. This show would be awesome if it was just Pam and Eric having sex with people and killing people.


  • C.K.

    I lovw Pam and I am so happy that Kristin will be getting more screentime and Pam has her own storyline this season. Kristin deserves it. I hope she is sheriff. I am sure Pam will make her Daady Eric proud this season. Iwant that Eric/Pam flashback this season.


  • SacredmOOn

    I love TB Pam and Book Pam. Though I hope Sookie and Pam bond like in the books, and yes the back story of Pam to Sookie would be nice to add, hopefully it comes to pass. But with Ball who knows.


  • MollyS

    Great interview by KBVS, and that’s quite a revealing clip they have available on the web site with it. Pam says “In his own way, he (Eric) cares about you.” Interesting that she admits this to Sookie without a hint of a sneer or sarcastic comeback about his feelings, at least none that we are shown. And with Sookie claiming that she doesn’t want to be Eric’s puppet, one wonders if she’s figured out the extent to which she acted as Bill’s puppet for all the time she claimed to be “his.”


  • Gigi

    [For the first time, it seems Pam will have her own storyline this year (can we get an AMEN?!)]



    C.K. Reply:

    AMEN!!!! I right. There can never be to much Pam or Eric.


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