True Blood – Invitation to the Set

April 18, 2011 in True Blood, video

A new teaser for season 4 just aired on HBO.

We have lots of witchy stuff, and it sure looks like these witches will be giving the vampires a run for their money in Season 4.

We also have a little more of a bare-footed Eric stumbling along the side of the road – with Sookie pulling alongside him in her car:

“Eric! It’s me, Sookie!”

And Skars being interviewed in a rather un-Eric sleeveless blue sweater, with his hair once again looking very 2.09-like.

I am so damn excited for this season!

Thanks to True Blood Italy for the video.

Updated again – non-regional version:

Here’s the promo with Sookie in Fairy and Eric fangy, around the 1:20 mark.

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