True Blood – A Love Story

January 8, 2011 in Bill, Franklin Mott, True Blood

A vampire walks into a bar. It sounds like the opening line of a bad joke, right?

He’s new in town…and he’s an investigator on a misson.

At the behest of his royal employer…

He seeks out his target – a female employee of the bar. He enquires as to whether the establishment stocks the blood substitute that will quench his thirst….

Soon after meeting the woman, the vampire finds her in the parking lot of her workplace after the bar is closed.

She’s arguing with a pair of nasty rednecks.

He watches for a while, and then the verbal altercation turns violent. He steps into the fray ….

Feeling an instant and powerful connection, the woman and the vampire fall into a sexual relationship. They know nothing about eachother….but that doesn’t matter, because their attraction is electric!

It’s love at first sight.

Before long, their relationship takes on an emotional intensity that the woman has never experienced before.

The vampire becomes prone to tearful, emotional meltdowns….

He proclaims that there is something special about his beloved that only he can see….

He declares her off limits to all others, vehemently swearing to kill any other vampire who hurts her or tries to take her from him.

He will never let her go. He only wants to keep her safe, can’t she see?

The woman begins to become uneasy with her vampire’s secretive and possessive ways. She tries to placate him – assuring him that it’s the other vampires who make her afraid and that really and truly, there is only him.

But she knows she is lying….

Desperate to make her his own, the vampire decides that he will make the woman his bride.

But his proposal lacks forethought, is poorly timed, and will ultimately amount to nothing….

Everything is falling apart…and it’s going to take a hell of alot more than a shower to wash this hot mess away.

But the vampire refuses to let go.

She is “mine”.

Determined to reassert control over her life, the woman sleeps with the vampire one last time.

Their sex is violent and loveless….

Conspiracy theory? Wishful thinking? Over active imagination?

I’ll allow Alan Ball the final word on the “love story” he has crafted with such finesse:

“Franklin does care…in his own twisted way. Unfortunately, he’s a psychopath”.
Comic Con, 2010.

I think we just got smacked in the face with the Foreshadowing Bat.

Just sayin’.

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