Calling Hallow – First S4 Casting Call

October 21, 2010 in Secondary Characters, True Blood

This was passed on by someone in the know – it hasn’t appeared online yet, but the source swears it’s legit and that it was released to agents this morning.

Being that filming for Season 4 is due to commence in five weeks or so, I would expect casting for the big parts to be starting now so I’m fairly confident this is the real deal.

At any rate, it should be confirmed by the usual suspects shortly.

EDIT: This is now confirmed.

[MARNIE] Late 20′s to early 30′s. A storefront medium and palm reader. Mousy, timid and secretly self loathing until she is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch. SERIES REGULAR.

It would seem that the were-witch-pumped-on-V angle is being tossed in favour of a possession.

Alan Ball also revealed a little while back that Hallow will be a necromancer…the plot thickens!

Image: aecr

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