Hallow the Necromancer – S4 Spoiler

Alan Ball confirmed at Comic Con recently that the character of Hallow – a major character in Dead to the Word – will play a big role in Season 4 of True Blood.

Ball has elaborated on his plans for Hallow in this little spoiler unleashed today by Ausiello:

Series creator Alan Ball reveals that he’ll be introducing Hallow Stonebrook, the were-sorceress from Charlaine Harris’ fourth Sookie novel, Dead to the World. Preferring to refer to the character as a necromancer, the boss man says she’s “actually a medium. She communicates with the dead, and she’s interested in developing further powers.”

Among other things, a necromancer can communicate with and sometimes raise the dead. How this ability will play into the plot line for season 4 – and whether or not it will be tied to Eric’s inevitable amnesia episode – remains to be seen.

Random speculation: According to Denis O’Hare, Russell is sticking around for at least some of season 4. Perhaps Hallow’s introduction is an attempt by Russell to raise Talbot – he’s carting him around in a jar and TALKING TO HIM after all. Maybe it’s just me…but this behaviour is probably a huge red flag that dude is going to have some problems “letting go”.

Eric’s amnesia may be instigated by Hallow on Russell’s behalf, as retribution for the staking of his beloved.

That’s today’s theory, anyway!

What do you think about Hallow’s extra powers, and how do you see season 4 playing out?

Image: merletto tumblr

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18 comments to Hallow the Necromancer – S4 Spoiler

  • Too funny! In my blog post earlier this week, I asked the question: Was Russell on the roof talking to the Jello Ruby blessed?

    I’m feelin’ your theory that Russell is involved in asking Hallow. Eric took away his lover, therefore, the whole heart’s desire curse would make a lot of sense!


  • dee jones

    LMFAO at the “jello Ruby blessed”! Russell on the roof with that Jar made me both laugh and feel bad!! Poor thing!!

    Book four remains my fav out of the series and I hope they don’t mess it up on the show, but so far it seems promising. Any word on the nuts from Hot shot? It it too much to hope for that on the show, Jason will not go through all the same crap?


  • Princess_jime

    LOL! Now I see myself trying to talk to red ruby jell-o… see if Talbot answers… XD XD XD

    Hallow as a necromancer: it SCREAMS anita blake vampire hunter to me. *Big Sighs*, I won’t hold my breath, the potential for greatness is there, but knowing AB, it will not be my cup of tea regarding our fav. awesome viking king vampire.


  • FaninAL

    I’m thinking if Hallow is looking for more power, it makes more sense for Russell to curse Eric. Then, Hallow helps him with bringing Talbot back. Who knows, though. With AB he could very well have Arlene hit Eric over the head with a frying pan to cause the amnesia.


  • Serena

    What? ..I talk to my canned goods all the time. *shifty eyes,* lol. But if Ruby Jean is blessing the Insta-Talbot pudding, Lafayette is overpaying for that healthcare facility and I’d hate to see Laffy work so hard and not get his money’s worth. lol.

    I’m of the opinion that Russell does live and reappears in season 4, but that Eric DOES get his revenge.. so I don’t see DOH being a mainstay next season to hang around and play with the witches.

    *******SF SPOILERS***************
    I believe that RE gets cased in cement, so Eric achieves his revenge and RE lives to come back and haunt Eric at a later date. I can just see Eric shouting at RE that he carried what RE did to his family for a thousand years and that he wants RE to do the same. I’d write it that way anyway, not that ask me. lol.
    ***********END SPOILERS, ITS OKAY TO READ NOW VL, LOL**********

    So while I like the idea that RE consults the witches to “commune” with Talbot, Iike a nice little talk to his soul on speeddial.. I don’t think he will be involved with them beyond that. Unless they are sent after Eric looking for RE and they think Eric had something to do with RE disappearance.. what I mean is I don’t think RE will order the witches to wipe out Eric’s memory, it will either happen as retribution or for some unknown reason like because Eric refused to get in Hallows pants.

    Oh and I also think that the “communing” might have something to do with Russell drinking the Talbot sauce and a creepy ceremony about ashes to ashes blood to blood or something.. and maybe Ruby Jean/Jesus are a part of that…..I don’t know, but its intriguing. Too bad Talbot isn’t around to suggest the brandy snifters. :( Hehe, or maybe that is the message he gives RE from beyond the pale. lol.

    “Use ..the brandy snifters… Russell….” or he calls him his real name.. which we don’t know yet. Hmm, I wonder if that will come out next epi?


    artermis Reply:

    I was thinking that Russell consults the witches and that the process of “communing” with Talbot involves forcing the Talbot-lookalike prostitute that Russell picks up in the next episode to drink the Talbot Jello?


    Serena Reply:

    oh thats a brilliant idea! I did think he was going to forcibly turn Tony as it was. hmm.. can’t wait to find out!


    EricObsessed Reply:

    Oooo I just thought of something! Serena, regarding your ***SPOILER*** There is some story/myth (and sorry I can’t think of the details–will try to look up later) but I think it was Merlin and/or a bard being encased in stone for a thousand years. Maybe they’ll have that be Eric’s intentions. But then RE will get out?



    To make her be able to bring back the dead, as long as it keeps our crazy King in the series awhile longer, I think it could be fascinating to watch. Plus, to see Talbot again would be awesome. Given the fit her threw over Lorena burning the foyer carpet, I can only imagine the tantrum of epic proportions that would happen over his innards on the erotica scroll and the library carpet.

    With ABs penchant to bring in Judeo-Christian commentary into the series, I wonder where he could take bringing a vampire back from the dead. Would Talbot be the savior to unite vampires vs. the secular AVL/Authority?

    I only hope that AB doesn’t royally fuck with Hallow ala Maryann, and make the whole storyline a hot steaming mess.


  • ericstruelav

    I also agree that this sounds like ANita Blake. theyre mixing both up.
    And Jason has to be featured BIG TIME the next season bc the panthers bite him and he turns into one, why would they skip that whole thing???

    anyway, the raising talbot from the dead sounds like a good theory, but then again, vampires dont leave imprints behind like ghosts….so im not too sure about that.



  • Serena

    Ooo Ooo! Maybe Hallow’s search for other abilities is….. controlling vampires? I mean, her magic works on Eric right? So it should work on more vamps.. and maybe she is looking to make an area spell if ykwim? And the way things are going they are stressing broader themes like race wars and I’d think they have to make her more powerful in that she is a genuine threat to vamps too, you know? And maybe the witches acting up is a reactionary movement to the VRA and AVL?

    (And crikkies! This would tie into the FOS being a pagan front, as they’d probably tag team since they have mutual interests). LOL. Oh crap,.. I can hear Sunny and Renee in the distance… >.<

    And Joe M. recently hinted that the Weres and Vamps would need each other one day… so yeah I like.


  • VampirePamsGirl

    “Among other things, a necromancer can communicate with and sometimes raise the dead. ”

    If they have Hallow bring back Franklin, I might just have to become Team Hallow! Okay, I doubt that one would ever happen, but wouldn’t it be wonderful!!


  • Dwimordene

    AB always gives more depth and action to the “mystery” plots of the romances, lol. So it makes sense. Book four action was a bit silly, it wasn’t realistic. So I find this new Hallow quite interesting, and by being necromancer, well, the involvement with Russel is obvious, and it should… Because there is a need to link, things doesn’t happen for no reason, why would Hallow go to Shreveport? Because Russel is now there. It could be a relation paralel to Russel and Lorena in s3, both having their own plans.

    Why exactly would Eric have amnesia, I’m not sure… It is very little thing to do as revenge, so I wonder if something went wrong. Maybe there was needed to change an alive vamp for the dead one to return, Ab only knows. lol

    As for Jason, I’m quite excited for his next story. The crystal thing would only been done for mayor purposes, wouldn’t it? But I hope it gets more interesting than in the books, which surelly will with this awesome Hotsot.


  • VikingLover

    Dude, that screenshoot of Russell is hilarious!!! Hahahaha!


  • Mia

    [Hallow as a necromancer: it SCREAMS anita blake vampire hunter to me. *Big Sighs*}

    I thought the same thing; it sounds like Anita Blake. Hopefully they won't go the zombie route (again.)


  • Jen22

    If Hallow can raise the dead, do you think we’ll see Gran again?


  • Pogonip

    You don’t think it will be Bill that will have amnesia, stay with Sookie, have tender moments in the shower, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, the garden….ooops, got carried away for a minute… Maybe AB will have Eric go to Peru.


  • kellyp1981

    i’m really disappointed that Eric isn’t going to get the joy of ripping RE into tiny pieces. RE annoys me, a lot.
    if it wasn’t for ASKARS i would stop watching.

    the tv show would be boring if they stuck to the book, and very short, but what AB has done it change the characters completely.
    Sookie is a lot more stupid, naive, and i would love to slap her
    bill isn’t as good at fooling her, but with the stupid sookie he doesn’t need to be
    tara and lafeyette are awesome and are the best things AB has changed.
    Eric *sigh* where is the caring nature we saw in the book, dressing in lycra to protect sookie, giving her his blood in mississippi, and all the other little nuances that say *i love you, you silly girl*
    sam bores me, i would like to strangle arlene already (a good few books early) and jason i beyond dumb,

    i know subtle doesn’t work for the masses, but surely the dumb masses wouldn’t care. they are all bill-lovers anyway.

    Rant over


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