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April 29, 2010 in Eric Northman, Sam, True Blood

Season 1, Episode 2: First Taste

Sookie is bashed by the Rattray’s while Sam lurks around the parking lot. Bill feeds Sookie his blood.

Season 2, Episode 11: Frenzy

Eric: Why should I help you? Shifter.
Sam: Because I need your help. We need it. And hopefully some day I might be able to give you something you need.

S: So can you help us or not?
E: I do know someone who might be able to offer something useful…might.
[And Eric "might" help you Sam. If you give him something useful in return.]

S: You have my cellphone number. [He does? Since when?]
E: I’ll let you know if I learn anything of use to you.

Bill: That was really quite desperate of you. Trickin’ her into drinking your blood, so she became attracted to you.
E: Unlike you, who fed her your blood the very night you met.
B: How do you know that?

E: So you’re not denying it?
E: Isn’t that convenient?

Sam offers to one day give Eric something he needs, in return for Eric asking the Queen how to kick a maenad’s ass.

And what could Eric possibly need or want from Sam? What could Eric possibly ask for in return for his assistance? What does he really want?


Eric has been openly suspicious of Bill’s interest in Sookie since Bill returned to Bon Temps, and by the time this meeting with Sam occurred he was absolutely convinced that something was foul. Where is the logical place to start digging for answers? Establishing the circumstances of Sookie and Bill’s meeting seems pretty logical to me. And you’d reckon that as Sookie’s friend and boss, Sam might know a little something about that.

Little did Eric know that he hit pay dirt with the only witness to the events of that night – and the information Sam gave him allowed him to bluff an almost-admission out of Bill at the Queen’s in his very next scene.

UPDATE: There is obviously a piece of information missing to complete this picture – Eric has twice inaccurately mentioned that Bill gave Sookie his blood “on the night they met” when it was actually the second night, excluding any possibility of a writing error.

That said, I believe the evidence to support this theory remains strong and that we will eventually get an explanation – involving Sam – as to why Eric has twice made this error. The error itself is another giveaway that he has received information second hand. The way the dialogue and scenes were presented on the show strongly resembles the method used to lay the groundwork for the Rattray beating – ie. a set of circumstances are set up in an obvious enough way to raise suspicion, but the key facts required to confirm it remain missing until such time as they are ready for a reveal.

In any case, shifty shifter is SHIFTY.

Just sayin’.

*First published April 2010, Updated: March 2011*

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