Sunday Skars

January 10, 2010 in Alexander Skarsgard, Shameless Fangirling

Welcome to Sunday Skars – party edition.

I just found this pic on Tumblr. I haven’t seen it before.

Look at the size of his hand compared to that wine glass. His hands make me think dirty things. They are HUGE.

But I digress. So…I’m thinking our boy likes a drink.

I like to drink…so I like this about him. Most celebs would have you believe that they live off purified air and the organic juice of exotic amazon fruits. They wouldn’t be caught dead pissing it up in public, much less be photographed blind drunk.

Not Skars. Uh-uh. He has no problem whatsoever with the whole world thinking he’s a raging alco. I love it.

Anyone who can drink like he does and still get to the gym in the morning will forever have my undying admiration.

Every time I see this pic I laugh. I have SO BEEN HERE. More than once.

He is so wrecked.
Get-me-in-the-car-right-now-I’m-about-to-fucking-puke wrecked.
The eyes tell a story – and you can bet it didn’t start with his pants tucked into his boots and half his buttons undone either.

And finally, a few more shots in varying degrees of inebriation.

Cheers, Skars. The world may judge you, but I shall not.

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