True Blood's Ryan Kwanten talks Vamps and Boners

Ryan Kwanten as Griff

Ryan Kwanten as Griff

Ryan Kwanten is currently home in Australia doing the promotional rounds for his new film, Griff The Invisible.

In an interview with slightly naughty, alternative radio station Triple J he discusses True Blood, the Mother of All Erections, and Jason Stackhouse – “intellectually stunted root-rat”. That’s Australian for “man-whore” in case you were wondering.

Ryan’s voice is barely recognisable without that Southern drawl!

Sorry I can’t embed this…stupid free WordPress *grumble*.

Ryan Kwanten talks vamps and boners – Triple J Radio

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8 comments to True Blood's Ryan Kwanten talks Vamps and Boners

  • Ericrocks

    Can I just say that although Ryan Kwanten has a nice 6-pack and I think he is incredible at portraying the incredibly dense and self-centered Jason, this man just does not do a thing for me. Am I the only one? I just don’t see the appeal. Nothing against him, but his face is very babyface-ish (is that a word?). I have seen a lot of articles and interviews with him lately, and I just don’t get it.


    sookieverseblog Reply:

    Nah he doesn’t do much for me either. Ryan Kwanten is actually quite intense and not much like Jason at all, personality-wise. But he still physically reminds me of the jock type and that has never been a type I’ve been attracted to.


  • I don’t know about anyone else but the “redneck” type doesn’t do anything for me. I’m not into the countryboy thing..he’s not a bad lookin dude..he’s just not my type AT ALL. And then add his airhead personality and I’m completely turned off. Which is just fine..cuz Eric is all I need <3


  • Stef

    He has a great body, but he’s almost too “Abercrombie & Fitch” for my liking. He seems like a nice guy, but he doesn’t hold the same fascination for me that ASkars does. Of course, no one holds a candle to the Swede IMO.


  • Gigi

    Ryan is a cute guy, but althought his character of Jason is sometimes funny, I can’t understand why it has been raised to be a lead character in the tv show. Along with Tara, is one of the mysteries I will never understands of TB… At least in the books, though the character is vain and selfish, it isn’t so airhead and silly as it’s in the show.


    Stef Reply:

    Well, apparently AB is under this weird impression that we actually want to see anything but ASkars. I dunno where his crazy ideas come from. ;)


  • VikingLover

    It’s interesting how in certain parts of that interview you can tell that he’s losing his accent slightly. He seemed to pronounce certain words with a more American twist.


  • jennifermarguerite

    jason is Hot. ryan, not so much. “rednecks” are not my type either. but who the heck doesnt want just one good old romp in the hay with a dumb-shit, hot-bodied get-the-job-done man-whore? consider it your weekly random…um, i mean yearly ;) oh yeah, i think mr. kwanten portrays jason perfectly. ryan’s jason is one of my TB favs. i forget im watching an actor. skars is good too. i see nothing of himself in eric. to me, eric hardly resembles skars. anna’s sookie, one of my very least favs. dont know if its the acting or the directing, but i just dont get her, and find her hard to watch, which sucks ’cause shes SOOKIE! anyone feel the same? about any of it?


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